Buyer Programs

Rewards Initiative

Take advantage of special programs as well as money saving opportunities that can only be found in Tupelo! No furniture event in the country offers more innovative and comprehensive packages and specials for its attendees!

Show Your Badge Program

You need only to show your TFM badge to receive specials on lodging, receive FREE shuttle service almost anywhere during the show dates, and take advantage of discounts available on hotel accommodations, limo service, car rental, rounds of golf, skeet shooting, and use of gym facilities!

  • 50% discount on hotel room OR $40 hotel room if you choose to attend on Friday or Saturday night.*
  • Concierge service, throughout the entire market to answer questions or concerns.
  • VIP Shuttle Service.
  • Complimentary breakfast & dinner served daily.

Regional Buyer Shuttle Services

If you think we won’t go the extra mile to get you to the market…think again! If you live within approximately
60 miles of the Tupelo Furniture Market you need only coordinate with us in advance and we will, at NO
CHARGE, provide you with shuttle services to and from our event. Attendees within 120 miles of the market may also expect shuttle services at NO CHARGE. However, at least a one night stay in Tupelo is required.

Buyer & Seller “Matchmaker” Initiative

Many thousands of buyers attend each and every Tupelo Furniture Market. There is no way one exhibitor can meet everyone. Nor can every buyer physically stop, talk to or buy product from every exhibitor. Thus, many meetings are left to chance because there is not always structured communication between the buyers and sellers before, during or after the show. With this in mind, the TFM Buyer Recruitment Department created the Buyer and Seller “Matchmaker” Initiative.

The program consists of three main components which are facilitated by the TFM sales staff, buyer recruitment personnel and the marketing department. The components include:

  • Pre-show communication between exhibitors and pre-registered attendees that have an interest in meeting.
  • On-site meetings scheduled by the Buyer Recruitment Department.
  • Post-show communication & promotion between buyers & exhibitors.

The “Matchmaker” Initiative was launched in February of 2012 and has been incredibly effective! If you would like to learn more about how to participate in this exciting new TFM offering, please call our Buyer Recruitment Department at 662-842-4442.

TFM Weekend Pass

Buyers interested in the Weekend Pass must agree to attend the market on Saturday and Sunday. Call for more information.

Hosted Buyer Program

For each of our shows, our leading exhibitors provide TFM’s Buyer Recruitment Department with a list of whom they consider their “Top Buyers”. Buyer Recruitment personnel then work collectively with these exhibitors to develop and fund a package for these targeted retailers that may include airfare, transportation and hotel accommodations. Other offers may include entertainment, B2B meetings, educational opportunities and special incentives on product purchased!

The Buyers on this target list often include the “TOP 100” Buyers in the country, but the list also includes key regional retailers and individuals or companies that are new or growing rapidly. If you believe you may be on the Hosted Buyer List, don’t wait to hear from us. Please call to confirm so we can immediately begin planning your trip to Tupelo!

Network Now!

The Tupelo Furniture Market’s mission is to provide opportunity for the industry to do business. But that doesn’t mean the opportunity is limited to the dates of our spring and fall events! TFM offers many ways for our exhibitors and attendees to stay in touch. Our buyers can benefit from the following:

  • Receive e-messages pre, post and between each market
  • Gain access to special offers from exhibitors in the TOS Section of our recently re-designed, optimized website
  • Learn about new products and services through Facebook & Twitter