Exhibitor Programs

At the Tupelo Furniture Market, we offer our exhibitors pre-show, on-site and post-show marketing opportunities that will assure exposure to retailers! Prior to the market and after the market ends, we provide many e-marketing and social media exposure options. We also offer numerous sponsorships onsite during the market, as well as advertising in the TFM Show Directory. These exposure opportunities, as well as the many marketing programs and initiatives TFM utilizes, will ensure success for your company!

Buyer and Seller “Matchmaker” Program

Many thousands of buyers attend each and every Tupelo Furniture Market. There is no way one exhibitor can see them all. Nor can every buyer physically stop, talk or buy from every exhibitor. Rather than leave every meeting to chance, TFM has developed our Buyer and Seller “Matchmaker” Program. The program consists of three main components facilitated by the TFM show staff and marketing department:
1. Pre-show communication between exhibitors & pre-registered attendees
2. On-site scheduled meetings between exhibitors & groups of buyers
3. Post-show communication and promotion

Special Directory Rates

TFM offers DEEP discounts and PRE-EVENT PROMOTION packages for our exhibitors that sign up early to advertise in our Show Directory. Our directories are now larger, more detailed and packed with information!

Exhibitor Target Buyer Initiative

The concept is simple but ALMOST UNHEARD OF! You provide our Buyer Recruitment personnel with your top national and key regional buyers, and our team will allocate a percentage of sales revenue to increase the likelihood of their attendance. The packages we create may include airfare, hotel accommodations, fuel reimbursement, meals or entertainment!
Of course, we can’t get every retailer here! But, with your help, we will directly contact your “best prospects” & develop tailor-made packages for them that will be difficult for them to refuse!

TOS – Exhibitor Benefits

You want to make a sale. Buyers want value. The TOS (Tupelo Only Special) program has been in existence for several years and has been very successful. However, we have expanded the benefits! These include:
• Pre, post and between show communication with via TFM e-mails, social media and TFM’s website
• Inclusion as TOS participant in Show Directory
• TOS signs provided in your showroom or exhibit space
• Pre- and post-show communications to TFM pre-registered attendees
• Inclusion on TOS Show Banners
• Inclusion in TOS Videos

Network Now!

Success at the Tupelo Furniture Market begins long before “set-up” and well after the last day of the event. Communicating effectively with our pre-registered attendees before the market and following up afterwards with those that attended can transform a good show into a great one! Participate in our TOS program and take advantage of EVERY opportunity the market provides for you to interact with potential buyers!
• Utilize pre, post and between show e-blast promotions
• Take advantage of our Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram messaging